Our organization

You know the saying, “when you want something done right, do it yourself.” We’re pretty sure that’s what our ancestors were thinking when they formed the first credit unions in Alberta.

It was 1938 and Alberta was in the depths of the Great Depression. Times were tough; the banks were pulling out. So the people banded together — pooling their money and loaning it to their neighbours. These loans kept local farms and businesses operating, which helped the economy recover. The first of these “credit unions” was called Mangan and it’s at the root of our family tree.

So, yeah, we’ve been here a while. We’ve stuck with our members through good times and bad. And because of that we’re now Alberta's largest credit union with more than 100 branches and nearly 380,000 owners who believe in the power of member banking.

Our noble purpose

It's the core of who we are and what we do.

Our noble purpose sets the direction for our work and how we strive to make a positive impact beyond the communities we serve.


Our Board of Directors sets the direction and monitors performance to help our credit union be a success. Our members participate in the AGM and we have bylaws and policies to guide the credit union.

Executive leadership

Connect First and Servus Credit Union have a strong leadership team looking after all aspects of our business – from financial performance and business processes to member and employee experiences.


We work to invest in the sustainability of Servus and share our profits with our members.

Corporate social responsibility

It's all about who we are and how we act.

In short, it means we care. And when we care, we strengthen all aspects of our credit union.

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