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Profit Share® Rewards cash advance

Get money to achieve your goals

Illustration of a Green Servus circle with a pie-shaped wedge taken out of it and just slightly adjacent to its place in the circle. Three stacks of dollar bills in front of the circle, depicting Profit Share® Rewards cash advance.

You have many financial goals. Some you’d like to achieve sooner than later. We can help!

Whether you want to pay off debt, make repairs to your home or purchase a new vehicle, make your goal a reality today with a Profit Share Rewards cash advance of up to $5,000*.

Every year, we share profit with our members, rewarding you with cash based on the business  mortgages, loans, investments and more  you do with us. But eligible Servus members can apply to receive an advance of up to five years’ worth of Profit Share Rewards cash.

That’s money in your account today that you can use to reach your goal sooner.

Already a member? Talk to us to find out if you’re eligible for a Profit Share Rewards cash advance.

Not a member yet? Become a member and you could be eligible.

*Represents up to 5 years of Profit Share Rewards® cash. Funds are not eligible to be used as part of down payment.

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