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Cooperative principles

These seven principles define what it means to be a financial cooperative.

  1. Voluntary and open membership
  2. Anyone can become a Servus member. All it takes is a $1 investment to benefit from everything membership has to offer, like the best customer service available.

  3. Democratic member control
  4. Each year our members vote on who they want to sit on our Board of Directors. This ensures that we always operate in the best interest of our members.
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  5. Member economic participation
  6. Servus shares its profits with its members. We also reinvest it in many local community and social causes. Last year we shared $50 million with our members. Calculate your share now.

  7. Autonomy and independence
  8. Servus is owned by its members. It’s 100% Albertan owned and based. This means that we make decisions on first-hand knowledge of local conditions, and the wants and needs of the people we serve — Albertans like you. It also means that we’re accountable to our members first and foremost.

  9. Education, training and information
  10. Servus knows that education is the key to improving the well-being of Albertans. So we’re committed to providing our members with the information and expert tailored advice they need to make smart financial decisions. We’re also proud to partner with Junior Achievement to deliver financial literacy education to Alberta’s youth.

  11. Cooperation amongst cooperatives
  12. Servus is committed to supporting other cooperatives in order to strengthen the cooperative movement for the benefit of all cooperative members locally, provincially and nationally.

    We’ve partnered with credit unions around the world to increase their skills while we learn about their cultures. We also contribute to local causes that raise the reputation of credit unions.

  13. Concern for the community
  14. We live and work in the communities we support. From volunteering our time to investing in provincial causes, we want to make a difference.

Give us a call at 1.877.378.8728 to find out more about how you can benefit from these cooperative principles.

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