Meet local blogger, mom and Servus Member Hannah Kaup of Honey & Betts.

Hannah Kaup, a Servus member and local blogger at Honey & Betts.

Hannah and her young family are preparing for several big financial milestones in the next while, and we can’t wait to help them transition their banking for the next stage of their life together!

Hannah, her husband Matt, and their girls Annaliese, Abigail and Adeline currently live downtown in a two bedroom apartment—that’s right, two bedrooms for five people! Although they like their apartment and it has suited their needs just fine, Matt is preparing to finish law school next month and begin a new position at his father's law firm. The family is ready to move to a more permanent home in St. Albert.

Since tying the knot five years ago, Hannah and Matt have been banking with Servus through a Free for Under 25 account. On top of their home purchase, they're also looking to transition those accounts to something more suitable for the next stage of their financial future.

A big part of what guides their spending is their young kids. “There’s a lot less money around when you have kids; they’re expensive,” says Hannah. “Everything we do as parents is about creating a future for them, finances are part of that.”

Hannah Kaup, with her daughters, using a Servus ATM.

Incredibly, with three little ones and Matt in school full-time, the couple has managed to come through Matt's degree with no student debt: “Matt’s secret to graduating debt-free is that he worked even harder during the summers than he did in school. He saw the summer not as vacation time, but as an opportunity to earn as much as possible,” says Hannah. “This included going up North to Fort McMurray to work, working over-time whenever it was available, and having three jobs where he could pick up hours. He also tithed 10% of his earnings and trusted God to provide.”

Now that Hannah’s blog is really taking off, and Matt's heading to the courtroom, the couple can’t wait to settle into a steady mortgage on a new home and better work-life balance for Matt. Any income earned from Hannah’s blog and writing work will go right back to supporting her young family and growing her brand, while her kids age into the school system, which will free up more time for Hannah’s creative endeavours.

Over the next week we'll follow Hannah and her family through their next steps and to really help them feel good about their money. Keep an eye on our site and social feeds for more this week!