CNB features

On April 29, 2019 you'll have access to new features designed to help you manage your daily banking more efficiently. The new features are:

1. Interac e-Transfer®

Send and receive e-Transfers to/from your business accounts with the control to provide access to users and assign limits. Additionally, take advantage of enhanced features including Autodeposit and Request Money.

2. Cheque matching

Enroll in either Positive Pay or Negative Pay cheque matching service, which allows for the quick identification of fraudulent and other suspect items and enables prompt return to the negotiating financial institution. By enrolling you'll benefit by:

  • Detecting potential fraud at the time of presentment, rather than during subsequent statement reconciliation.
  • Reducing the time required for daily cheque reconciliation.
  • Minimizing the financial impact of fraud by reducing the associated administrative costs

3. BAI2 download

Download your chequing and savings account transactions in BAI2 (Bank Administration Institute) format.

4. CDN/US transfers

Transfer funds (up to $50k CDN daily) between both your Canadian-dollar and U.S.-dollar accounts. Transfers are available Monday through Friday, from 8-5pm. Rates are based on the transfer amount.

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