Application tips

  1. Research the company before you apply.
    Ask yourself the question; Do I want to work for Servus? By doing this, you will find nuggets of great information that might align quite nicely with what your own vision is for your future. Maybe it's the fact that Servus has 7 Core Values. Or wow! Servus is a Credit Union and you totally get the cooperative movement.

  2. Check the qualifications.
    When you find a position that you want to apply for, make sure you are qualified or at least close to being qualified. Take the time to read the job description to ensure that your experience and qualifications closely align with it.

  3. Create your own cover letter and double check who you are addressing it to.
    A lot of recruiters will say that their pet peeve is when the cover letter is addressed to the competitor down the street. "What?? They didn't take time to address to me directly?" Yes - that's how we feel. Take the time to craft a short cover letter that will give us a quick snapshot of who you are. This is your opportunity to showcase your personality, qualifications and your desire to work for us. This is the first thing we will read so it's your chance to wow us.

  4. Share your experience.
    When you are developing your resume for us please know we want to see all your experience and not just what you feel is relevant to the job you are applying for. Ten years of work experience is perfect for us. A really cool way to tailor your resume is to choose some "buzz" or "key" words from the job description and find a place to insert them in your resume. For example, "customer service" or "relationship building." Think about your previous experience, whether it is as a Bank Manager or a 4-H leader….did you build relationships?

  5. Check your grammar and spelling
    Don’t use abbreviations, and have someone proof read your work before clicking on submit or print.

  6. Update your profile.
    When you are creating your profile on our job board remember this profile stays in place. When changes or updates need to be made you can log in to your profile and make the changes. If you are applying for multiple jobs at Servus, use the same profile because it's easier for us to track everything. A great tip when applying through our website is to make sure as many fields are filled in as possible. The more information we have that might set you apart the better chance you have of being called for an interview. What we might do when looking through our database of candidates is search by a certain word or phrase like, "Investment Funds in Canada (IFIC) license." If you didn't put your education in the correct field, we may miss your application.

  7. Check your social profile.Your social profile should be up to date and professional. We suggest that your social profiles should be geared towards a professional audience, eliminating pictures or posts that may distract or deter hiring managers or recruiters from wanting to hire you.

  8. Lastly, take another look at the information you have in front of you before you click submit. Make the best first impression you can!

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