Community engagement

Servus's noble purpose is 'reimagining financial fitness'. It helps us create resilient communities by focusing on what is best for our members and the communities where they live. It is woven into every decision we make, especially when considering sponsorship requests.

We look for partnerships that bring people together, support communities and save people money, especially our members!

Also, it helps to be a member! We support our charitable and not-for-profit members when possible. To learn more about what financial services we can offer your not-for-profit, check out our Community Plan.

Community engagement partnerships that help shape member financial fitness fall into these focus areas:

  1. Community access – Servus partners with local organizations that offer free or reduced admission fees for people to enjoy community and cultural activities.

  2. Financial literacy – Programs that teach people of all ages the importance of managing their finances. Servus is dedicated to helping people improve their financial fitness through financial literacy.

  3. Mental well-being – The mental well-being of our members is important to help them live full lives. Support of local food banks and free events alleviate financial stress and gives people an opportunity to enjoy a memorable experience.

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