Tips: Changing automatic payments on your Mastercard® or Member Card®

Manage your account

Your new Servus Mastercard and your new Member Card will have new account numbers.

You'll need to update your card information with any merchants to whom you make recurring payments. If you make a payment that is scheduled in the month your current card expires, you may wish to make other payment arrangements until your new card is activated.

Likewise, any pre-authorized payments being made on your account will need to be updated with your new card information.

Here are some tips to help you

Information you'll need

  1. Your new Servus Mastercard or Servus Member Card.
    • Have your card in hand when you contact each merchant.
  2. A full year's worth of your Mastercard statements and Servus statements.
    • Review your statements for any debits that occur on a regular basis. They may occur at different frequencies, such as yearly, monthly, semi-monthly or weekly.
    • Make a list of each merchant or bill payee and the amount and date of the debit.
    • Don’t forget to note merchants where your card is on file, even if you don’t make regular payments. This might include services such as PayPal or iTunes.
  3. Copies of each bill with your merchant account number and contact information. Document this information on your list.
    • Some merchants will accommodate payment card information changes online if you already are set up and receive your billing information online.
  4. Look up merchant contact information if it’s not available on the bill and add it to your list.

Keeping records of each merchant call or online contact

On your list record the following:

  • Date, time and name of each representative that you speak with. If changing payment information online, record the confirmation number the system generates.
  • The date the new card number will be used to make your payment.

Processing times

Each bill payment or merchant requires a different amount of time to process the changes in their system. Some merchants require a full billing cycle to process changes, while others need only a few days. Plan ahead and make temporary payment arrangements if necessary.

Making payments on your account

If you pay your Mastercard bill through online banking, don’t forget to update the account number when you make your next payment.

® Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard international incorporated and is used under licence.
® MEMBER CARD is a registered trademark of Credit Union Central of Canada.

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