Supplementary cardholders

A supplementary cardholder can be anyone — your spouse, caregivers or even your child (as long as they're 12 years or older).

Why add a supplementary cardholder?

  • Earn Circle Rewards™ faster because you and your supplementary cardholders will be earning rewards at the same rate on all eligible purchases.
  • Simplify your record keeping by consolidating all purchases onto one account.
  • Pay only one annual fee or a reduced fee for the World Elite card, rather than multiple fees for separate accounts.
  • Teach financial responsibility by adding your child as an authorized user and setting a spending limit for them.
  • Provide an authorized user with convenient access to funds on-the-go, while travelling or in an emergency.

Add a supplementary cardholder

To add a supplementary cardholder, the primary cardholder must provide that person's information (legal name, birthdate and address) and complete an application by:

  1. Calling our Member Contact Centre at 1.877.378.8728.
  2. Visiting your local branch.

The new supplementary cardholder will receive their new Mastercard directly by mail within 10-15 business days. After receiving your new card, activate it by calling the number via the sticker on the front of your card.

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