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Mortgage professionals

Mortgage professionals at Servus offer tailored mortgage services to suit your needs. Whether you're buying a home for the first time, refinancing your current mortgage or downsizing, you'll get the advice that's right for you.

Buying a home can be overwhelming and stressful

Our mortgage team supports home builders and home buyers across the province. We can provide quick turnarounds for approvals to move forward with the home buying process confidently. Our team of experts look forward to helping you take the next step in reaching your goal of home ownership. Under the copy of the 'Where and when you need' section, where I've put an asterisk on the attached document.

With our mortgage professionals, your journey to home ownership will be an experience you'll remember for all the right reasons.

Expert mortgage advice the way you want it


Expert mortgage advice is available in all our branches during regular business hours. Our financial advisors can answer all your mortgage questions and set you on the right path to meeting your goals.
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Where and when you need

We have a team of mortgage experts available to you before, during or after hours, whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.

Mortgage expert Locations Languages
Stephanie MacMillan Stephanie MacMillan
Email Stephanie
Alberta English
Scott Sanders
Email Scott
Calgary & Area English
Liana Dien Liana Dien
Email Liana
Alberta English
Mary Amerey Mary Amerey
Email Mary
Alberta English
Cheryl Toporowsky Cheryl Toporowsky
Email Cheryl
Edmonton & Area English
Lindsay Evans Lindsay Evans
Email Lindsay
Fort McMurray & Area English
Bonnie Ryan Bonnie Ryan
Email Bonnie
Grande Prairie & Area English
James Thompson
Email James
Calgary & Area English
Diana Magnan - Servus mortgage professional Diana Magnan
Email Diana
Edmonton & Area English
Ranjana Parmar - Servus mortgage professional Ranjana Parmar
Email Ranjana
Edmonton & Area English
Brenda Chao - Servus mortgage professional Brenda Chao
Email Brenda
Edmonton & Area English




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