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Going to School

It's your future...make it what you want it to be

In today's world a post secondary education can give you a leg up and help you find a satisfying career. Sometimes good grades aren't enough to get you there. An education costs money – tuition, books and student living all add up, so you need a financial plan.

Don't let finances stand in the way of your dreams. Servus Credit Union has products to help you save for or finance your education. We can also provide advice to help you manage your money so you can devote your time to your studies.

Saving for Education

With the rising cost of education, now is the time to start saving. Whether you need money for your children's education or your own, there are many savings strategies to help you reach your goal.

Focus on your studies, not your money

Make the most out of school by keeping your finances in check. We have resources, a banking plan and even a calculator to help.

Going back to school

Going back to school can change your life, but you still need to manage your current responsibilities while you pursue an education. Find information on managing school with your day-to-day tasks and financial commitments.

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