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Peace of mind adventuring

When you travel, you should feel good about how you spend, send and protect your money.


Today, you have more options than ever before for handling financial transactions beyond our borders, but cash is still the easiest and most accepted way to pay. Since there’s no guarantee you’ll find a cash machine when you need it or be able to use your credit card, you’ll want to have some local currency in your pocket.

Travellers cheques

Travellers cheques provide convenience and peace of mind when travelling—anywhere in the world. They are accepted as cash, available in a variety of denominations of Canadian, US and British currency, and can be refunded or replaced quickly if lost or stolen.

Wire transfers

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Fund transfers or wires can be the quickest way to send money almost anywhere in the world. Most transfers can be completed within 24 hours.

Travel insurance

Accidents and emergencies are a fact of life but anxiety about your travel insurance doesn’t need to be. Check with your employer or credit card provider about your coverage. Additional travel insurance can give you the extra peace of mind you need.

Other steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • Protect your PIN – Chip cards/Member Card® – cover the pin pad, and don’t share or write down your PIN.
  • Leave copies of your travel documents and financial information with a trusted friend or relative.
  • Check your statement online regularly.

® MEMBER CARD Design is a registered certification mark owned by Credit Union Central of Canada.

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