Professional trustee services

A professional trustee manages and administers assets that are held in trust for another person. This ensures proper control and security of your affairs when you can no longer be in charge.

Through Servus Credit Union's partner, Concentra Trust, you have access to a team of specialists with the time, knowledge and expertise to provide advice and services related to trusts. The professional trustee will manage and distribute assets. They will also handle the necessary paperwork and reporting to government agencies and beneficiaries.

Professional trust services include:

  • Safeguarding assets
  • Investing capital
  • Collecting income and dividend
  • Filing income tax elections and annual trust tax returns
  • Requesting a CRA clearance certificate
  • Communicating with co-trustees
  • Reporting to beneficiaries
  • Distributing income and capital according to the terms of the trust

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To find out more about our trust and estate services, please feel free to submit a request for information, or make an appointment at your local branch today.

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*Servus Credit Union trust services provided through Concentra Trust.

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