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Member Card issues at point-of-sale machines

Experiencing issues with your Servus Member Card at point-of-sale machines?

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Some Servus members have recently been experiencing issues with their Servus Member Card.

We are very aware of the difficulties some members have been facing and apologize to everyone who has experienced problems.

These problems have been caused by several different and separate problems with the payments network and retailer point-of-sale devices. The combination of different problems initially slowed problem solving.

Servus has been working closely with the payment system partners to resolve these different issues. Several have been fixed already and solutions are now being put in place for others at major retail networks.

Servus members may still continue to experience issues at some gas stations in the short term.

Steps you can take to be confident your purchases will go through without issue:

  • Carry your Servus Mastercard or another form of payment. Neither Servus Mastercards nor access to ATMs with Member Cards have been part of this issue.
  • Tap your Member Card instead of inserting it and entering your PIN. Tap functions have worked normally throughout this issue.
  • Add your Member Card to your digital wallet (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay). 

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