(Calgary, AB) Servus is pleased to announce its in the community of Bridlewood, Calgary. Our Bridlewood branch, located in the south-west quadrant of Calgary, will be our first branch in south Calgary. This new full-service branch boasts many features, such as a drive-thru ATM, an interactive screen to better assist you in the branch, friendly and knowledgeable staff available and six-days-a-week operating hours. The branch opens to the public on May 15.

In the same week of the branch opening, we officially amalgamate with Edson Credit Union. The decision to amalgamate was made after receiving proposals and presentations from several credit unions. Edson, which boasts $57 million in assets, is bringing over approximately 2500 members.

As Servus grows larger, we are planning further expansion across the province, including more branches in Calgary. In 2018, we amalgamated with Safeway Credit Union and Inglewood Credit Union, and opened a new tech pilot branch in Panorama Hills. As expansion continues at a rapid rate, we are pleased to open more branches around the province to better serve our members.