Our goal savings feature in online banking can help you practice smart savings behavior to work towards long-term financial wellness. MyGoals allows for different kinds of goals: 

Emergency fund: Having enough emergency savings can make unforeseen unemployment, surprise auto repairs or even medical emergencies more manageable.

Special purchase: A special purchase is a specific goal that's meaningful to you—whether it's a car, a vacation or a dream wedding.

Education fund: Set aside money for your own personal or professional development or start saving for your child’s future.

Small business: Make your entrepreneur dreams a reality with start-up funds or to take that next step in your small business journey. You can even save money to invest in a promising business.

Home fund: Dreaming of your first home? Or doing those renovations you’ve put off? This is your goal for all things home-related, including saving to put an additional lump-sum onto your mortgage.

MyGoals help centre

Getting started

MyGoals is part of online banking. If you're not already registered for online banking, call us at 1.877.378.8728 or visit the nearest Servus branch.

  1. Sign in to online banking.
  2. Under My Servus, select Dashboard.
  3. Create a goal and choose one of the goals categories.
  4. Use an existing savings account (any balance will count towards your new goal) or you can open a new, free account just for this purpose. 
  5. Add some details:
    • Name your goal
    • Enter the amount you'll need to save
    • Determine how often you can contribute
    • When you'd like to start 
    • Where the money will come from 
  6. Review and confirm your goal settings. 

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Why do I need to name my goal?

Giving your goal a name will remind you each time you're looking at your accounts what you're saving for. The name you choose will be used as a nickname for your account in the Account Summary.

Why would I open a new account specifically for this goal?

We think it's easier to measure progress (and celebrate milestones!) when things are separate from your other savings or spending accounts. The advantage is you know exactly what the money in this account is for, and how much you have. The new account won't have any monthly fees, so there's no downside!

Why do you ask when I want to start my goal? Obviously I'm starting today!

This date will be the first time a transfer goes through for your new goal... and will determine the future timing of ongoing transfers. If you get paid on the 15th of the month, for example, you might want to set up monthly transfers into your goals for the 15th.

I'm not sure how much to contribute regularly to my goal... any tips? 

First off, you can transfer as little as $5 and transfer as frequently as every 5 days. Some people like to have a smaller amount come out weekly while others prefer a larger monthly contribution. Set it up the way you like.

Play around with the settings to adjust the amount or the date to finish by. If you know when you'll want to use the money, start there. If not, see what it would take to complete the goal in six months or a year. How reasonable do those numbers seem? Or try adjusting the amount: if the goal finish date seems too far out, increase the contribution amount. You can always adjust it later (see the next question). 

Need more help? Our blog has valuable content to help answer questions and our Member Contact Centre is only a phone call away, any time of day!

Uh-oh, my finances have changed and I don't think I can contribute at the same rate... what do I do? 

If you realize at any point that your savings goal is too aggressive or you want to adjust it, you can edit every detail except for the destination goal savings account.

I have extra money this month! Can I add it to my goal? 

Yes! You can contribute to your goal manually whenever you like. Go to the goal summary page and make a one-time-transfer. Your goal progress will update and you'll be that much closer to the finish line.

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