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Guaranteed investments are just that – guaranteed.

When you invest in a GIC your money is guaranteed to grow and it’s secure so you can feel good about your investment. GICs come in a wide range of interest rates, terms and options to fit your unique investment needs.

Servus GICs are risk-free investments that can help you create a balanced portfolio. Most GICs:

  • Pay a set rate of return
  • Have a variety of terms and rates to choose from
  • Can be bought on their own or as part of a registered plan
  • Have a low minimum investment amount
  • Are protected by our 100% deposit guarantee

And at Servus, your GIC is included in our Profit Share program so you can earn even more.

It’s time to feel good about your money.
Get expert GIC advice from one of our financial advisors.

Compare our different GICs
Stock Market GICs
Our stock market GICs offer the growth potential of the market, without the risk. If the market goes up, your money grows. If the market goes down, your original investment is safe and guaranteed.
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3-Year Laddered GIC
Our 3-Year Laddered GIC is a package of three separate GICs with one year, two year and three year terms. You split your money equally between them so that each year one third of your investment matures.
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3 and 5-Year Redeemable Rate Builder GICs
Our 3-Year and 5-Year Redeemable Rate Builder GICs automatically renew every year at a higher interest rate. This continues until you reach the full length of your investment (three or five years). They’re also fully redeemable on the anniversary date every year.
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6-Month to 5-Year GICs
Our standard GICs feature terms from six months to five years with a fixed interest rate for the length of the term. They are non-redeemable and make a good addition to your RRSP. Interest rate specials are often available with these GICs.
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Pay Yourself First GIC
Our Pay Yourself First GIC has a one-year term and requires regular (weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly) contributions for the full length of the term.
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Business 90 day T-Bill
The 90 day T-Bill products offer a competitive rate for a short term with the flexibility of withdrawal after 30 days. This is the perfect product for those business members who have extra cash but who cannot lock in their funds for a long period of time. The T- Bill offers a convenient term and flexibility at a great rate.
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