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Wealth protection

Protect your wealth against unexpected events

Life and disability insurance protects your income and standard of living. An insurance plan allows you to identify the risks you may face and put the right protection in place. Whatever the reason, insurance can lessen the impact of a negative situation on your long-term financial goals.

  • Life insurance can alleviate financial hardship for the people who depend on you.
  • Disability insurance provides replacement income while you are unable to work. Instead of worrying about your finances you can focus on your recovery.
  • Critical illness insurance provides you with money if you are diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Use this money to reduce your financial burden while you focus on your health.
  • Long-term care insurance can help cover the cost of home care or facility care that exceeds your provincial health plan coverage.
  • Buy/sell agreement funding facilitates share purchase obligations contained within a buy/sell agreement, which may be in place to provide for the transfer business ownership in circumstances such as death, disability, retirement or disagreement.
  • Key person coverage can reduce the financial impact of losing key personnel to death, disability or illness by ensuring there is an injection of liquid capital to allow family or management staff time to find a suitable replacement or recover the cost to the business.
  • Business overhead expense coverage is designed to help businesses with owners/partners (whose ability to generate income makes the difference between the company being open or closed for business) pay ongoing fixed expenses — such as salaries, rent, property taxes and utilities — in the event that a partner or owner becomes disabled and is unable to work.

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