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Meet your winners

Ken Walker – 2021 Servus Big Share winner

Ken earned his winning entry from his 2020 Profit Share®️ Rewards cash. A self-employed business owner, Ken looks forward to the freedom his $1 million will offer, including setting his children up in his business, paying down some debt and one day soon, travelling abroad.

Chengay Liccod – 2020 Servus Big Share winner

2020 contest winner, Chengay, lives in the Edmonton area. The Profit Share Rewards cash earned on her Servus mortgage ended up being her winning entry. Chengay is planning to use her $1 million to pay off her home and potentially help some members of her family emigrate from the Philippines to Canada.

Andrew Buchner – 2019 Servus Big Share winner

Our first contest winner, Andrew, was born and raised in Edmonton. His winning entry came from the 2018 Profit Share®️ Rewards cash he earned for being a long-time Servus member. A lifelong saver, Andrew plans to put his $1 million away for the future.

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