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What is Click to Pay?

Mastercard Click to Pay is a better way to pay online — featuring advanced payment technology built on industry standards and intelligent security from Mastercard. You can experience the future of secure, password-free checkout by looking for the Click to Pay icon Click to Pay icon wherever Mastercard and Debit Mastercard are accepted.

Benefits of Mastercard Click to Pay

Is convenient

  • Delivers one seamless, simple and consistent e-commerce checkout experience
  • Utilizes standards supported by global payments industry
  • Removes the need for static passwords

Is secure and intelligent

  • Authenticates users via trusted data indicators captured throughout the checkout experience
  • Recognizes users and checkout preferences across devices and merchants
  • Updates credentials automatically if a card expires or is lost/stolen

Puts consumers in control

  • Consumers can save their card to their Mastercard payment profile for secure use with participating merchants

How do I enroll?

Enrollment to Click to Pay is Easy! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Visit mastercard.ca/clicktopay
  2. Under Profile Management: Enter your email and mobile phone number
  3. Enter Mastercard credentials
  4. Enter name and billing information
  5. Confirm enrollment of Mastercard payment profile

Checkout is simple!

After you’re all setup, buying online is as simple as 1-2-3! Wherever you see the Click to Pay icon Click to Pay icon, follow these steps:

  1. Enter user ID
  2. Review payment and shipping information
  3. Confirm payment

Why should I use Click to Pay?

Mastercard Click to Pay is a faster and smarter way to pay online – no more passwords to remember or accounts to create. Features include:

  • No more passwords - Take the hassle out of paying online.
  • Smart security - Intelligent security helps recognize you at checkout.
  • Stay in control - Store payment information securely in your Mastercard Click to Pay profile so it's there when you need it.

How can I create a Mastercard Click to Pay profile or add a card?

There are a few ways to set up a profile or add a card:

  • Create a Click to Pay profile or add a Mastercard at mastercard.ca/clicktopay
  • Add a Mastercard to Click to Pay during checkout.

Where can I use Click to Pay?

Check out with Click to Pay when you see the icon  Click to Pay icon  and the Mastercard logo.

Is Click to Pay for online payments only?

Yes, this new way to pay brings Mastercard security technology to online payments. Now you can feel as secure and confident paying online as you do in stores.

Which payment methods can I use for Click to Pay?

You can use your Servus Mastercard and Member Card (where the Merchant accepts Debit Mastercard). However, each merchant decides what payment brands to accept.

How can I securely access my Mastercard Click to Pay profile without a password?

  • Passwords can be lost or stolen. Mastercard Click to Pay uses advanced payment technology built on industry standards and intelligent security to ensure that you, and only you, are accessing your profile. If you're a remembered user, you'll be recognized at checkout – no password required.
  • If you’re not a remembered user, enter your user ID – the email address associated with your Click to Pay profile – to receive a one-time verification code. This will allow you to access your Click to Pay profile and check out securely in just a few clicks.
  • For additional security, verification is always required to update personal information. You may also need to provide verification if there is unusual activity on your Click to Pay profile.

Why aren’t all my cards listed on my Mastercard Click to Pay profile?

You can only manage your Mastercard cards at mastercard.ca/clicktopay. If you would like to manage cards with other payment brands (like Visa or American Express), please visit their websites to enroll or add cards.

What does selecting "Remember Me" do?

  • The Remember Me option gives you quick access to your Mastercard Click to Pay profile and helps you check out faster.
  • If you're remembered on a specific device/browser, you'll be recognized and remembered at checkout as long as you use the same browser and don't clear your browsing data (cookies).
  • If you do not select Remember Me, you'll have to manually enter your user ID and a verification code every time you want to access your Click to Pay profile or check out.
  • You can manage which devices remember you by accessing your Mastercard Click to Pay profile settings, then select Remembered Devices.

Where can I manage my Mastercard Click to Pay profile outside of checkout?

You can manage your Mastercard Click to Pay profile at any time by visiting mastercard.ca/clicktopay.

After accessing your Click to Pay profile, you can change the following:

  • Add/delete a card
  • Add/delete a shipping address
  • Edit your phone number
  • Manage browser and device connections
  • Delete your Mastercard Click to Pay profile

How do I change my user ID if I made a mistake during enrollment?

For your security, you cannot edit your user ID – which is the email address linked to your Click to Pay profile. You will need to delete your current profile if you wish to change your user ID.

How do I edit a card?

To update a card, delete it from your Click to Pay profile. Then add your card as a new payment method with the updated information.

What do I do if Mastercard Click to Pay is not working?

If Mastercard Click to Pay is not working or you cannot select the Click to Pay icon, please contact the merchant where you are trying to check out.

How do I delete my Mastercard Click to Pay profile?

  • Visit mastercard.ca/clicktopay, select View profile and delete your Mastercard Click to Pay profile.
  • In your profile, click on the menu in the top right-hand corner. Choose Settings and then choose Manage Profile.
  • If you wish to rejoin Mastercard Click to Pay, you will need to create a new Click to Pay profile. To manage cards and profiles with other payment brands, visit their respective websites.

What happened to MasterpassTM?

MasterpassTM by Mastercard® is being upgraded to Mastercard's new, password-free guest checkout, Mastercard Click to Pay. For the time being, Masterpass accounts will continue to work wherever you see the Masterpass button. Users will be informed of any additional changes.

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