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Interac e-Transfer

No cash? No cheques? No problem.

With Interac e-Transfer®, you can send money to anyone with a Canadian bank account and an email address or mobile phone number. It’s fast, easy and secure. Plus, it's available in both online and mobile banking so it's there when you need it.

Interac e-Transfer comes with flexibility built in.

  • Send money from your Servus chequing or savings account.
  • Notify your recipient by email, text message or both.
  • View, resend or cancel a transfer anytime (until your recipient deposits it).
  • Register for Autodeposit so transfers sent to you can be automatically deposited into your account.
  • Use Request Money to ask someone for the money they owe.

Any transfers you send or receive will appear in your transaction history and on your statements, so you always have a record.

The best part about Interac e-Transfer? It's completely secure! Your account information never leaves Servus Credit Union. The only thing that travels over the internet is the notification to your recipient that you've sent them some money.

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Interac e-Transfer help centre

Getting started

Interac e-Transfer is part of our online and mobile banking service. If you're not already registered for online banking, call us at 1.877.378.8728 or visit the nearest Servus branch.

The first time you use Interac e-Transfer, you'll need to create a sender profile, which includes your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number

You can also add your recipient(s). You'll need:

  • Their name, email address and/or mobile phone number
  • A security question (and one-word answer). Your recipient may need to answer this question in order to receive the transfer.

Tip: Keep your transfer safe by creating a unique or difficult security question. The answer should be something that only you and your recipient know and that would be hard for someone else to guess. If you need to remind the recipient what it is, send them the answer through a different communication channel than the transfer (for example: if you're sending by email, send the answer through a text message).

Sending money

  1. Choose a recipient.
  2. Enter the required information. If you enter a message for the recipient, don't give away the answer to the security question.
  3. Click Send. The amount of your transfer plus the service fee will be withdrawn from your account immediately.

If you receive a request for money from someone else:

  1. Follow the prompts in the notification email you received.
  2. Choose your bank or credit union and follow their instructions for signing in.
  3. Accept or decline the request.

Tip: Protect yourself! Only fulfill requests for money that you were expecting. If you don't know the person/business that sent the request or why they are asking for money, don't respond to it in any way. Instead, delete the request immediately.

Receiving money

  1. Click the link in the email or text message notification that you received.
  2. Select Alberta from the list of provinces and Servus Credit Union from the list of financial institutions. Then click Deposit.
  3. Sign in using your online/mobile banking user ID and password. Create your transfer profile, if required.
  4. Answer the sender's security question.
  5. Follow the prompts to accept the transfer.

Tip: Receiving money is even easier with Autodeposit. Link your email address to your Servus account and transfers sent to you will be automatically deposited. You can register for Autodeposit from the Interac e-Transfer site.

Requesting money

If you're owed money by someone else, you can use Interac e-Transfer to ask for the funds.

  1. Complete the Request Money form, adding the person you want to request money from to your recipient list if required.
  2. Sit back and wait. You'll receive an email notification when the recipient fulfills your request. The funds they send will be automatically deposited into your account.
  3. Please be aware that any fees associated with receiving this transfer, may be applied to your account, rather than the person sending the money. 

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Is there a fee for using Interac e-Transfer?

This depends on your account. Many of our personal banking plans include unlimited free e-Transfers. For other plans we charge a small fee for each Interac e-Transfer that you send. There may be a fee for depositing a transfer through the Request Money feature.

Refer to our personal or business account charts for fee details.

Do I need to know my recipient's account information in order to send them an Interac e-Transfer?

No. The only information you need to know is their name, email address and/or mobile phone number.

If I cancel an Interac e-Transfer before the recipient deposits it, will I get the service fee back?

We're not able to refund the service fee, but we will deposit the full amount of the transfer back into your account.

If I resend a pending Interac e-Transfer, is more money withdrawn from my account?

No. Resending an Interac e-Transfer will only resend the notification to your recipient. 

Can I send or receive US funds with Interac e-Transfer?

No. You can only send and receive Canadian funds using Interac e-Transfer.

Does an Interac e-Transfer expire if the recipient doesn't deposit it?

Yes. Your recipient has 30 days to deposit the money you send them. If they don't deposit the money within that time then the amount of the transfer will be deposited back into your account. The service fee will not be refunded.

Does a request for money expire if the recipient doesn't fulfill it?

Yes. Each request for money includes a due date by which payment is required. If the due date passes and the recipient hasn't fulfilled the request, it will expire. The service fee for sending a request for money will not be refunded.

Is sending money by Interac e-Transfer secure?

Yes! The only thing that travels over the internet between you and your recipient is the notification that you've sent them some money. We transfer the money to your recipient using the same secure payment network that we use for cheques, ATM deposits and withdrawals.

Can I send money to someone living outside of Canada?

As long as your recipient has a Canadian bank account in which to deposit the funds, and an email address to receive the notification, they should be able to accept it. If you're sending the notification by text message, they must also have a Canadian mobile phone number.

Can I send an Interac e-Transfer notification to a landline?

No. Notifications can only be sent to Canadian mobile phone numbers.

I sent an Interac e-Transfer but the recipient says they didn’t get the notification. What went wrong?

It's possible that Interac hasn't sent the notification out yet. This usually happens as soon as you submit the transfer request, but there can be delays. You can also check that you entered the email address and/or mobile phone number correctly. Your recipient should also check their junk mail folder.

I sent an Interac e-Transfer but it isn’t listed under Pending Transfers in online banking. Does that mean it didn’t send?

Pending Interac e-Transfers are listed in the Interac e-Transfer site, not in online banking. To view them:

  • Sign in to online banking and open the Interac e-Transfer site
  • Select View/Resend/Cancel Pending Transfers

Are there limits on the amount of money I can send by Interac e-Transfer?

There are daily, weekly and monthly sending limits. Please sign in to online banking and check the Interac e-Transfer page for the most current information.

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Terms and conditions

Servus online banking, including Interac e-Transfer, is subject to the terms and conditions in our Digital Banking Agreement.

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