Employer FAQs

  • What savings & retirement programs can I offer employees?

    You can offer group Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), group Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) or both.

  • What investments are included these programs?

    We offer a full range of investment options for any type of investor. We have 100% principle and interest guaranteed investments and also offer mutual fund options.

  • How is a group RRSP program structured?

    We work with you to design a program specifically for your organization. We can suggest best practices for the structure of the program such as employee eligibility, employer/employee matching, policies on withdrawing contributions and other important topics.

  • How do I explain this program to my employees?

    Servus helps you introduce the program. We will work with you to develop both initial and ongoing communications to your employees.

  • Do employees get help selecting investment options?

    Yes, employees can talk to a qualified financial advisor at any of our 100+ branches. We will work with your employees to help them find suitable long-term investments and other financial solutions to help them reach their goals. We can also provide a variety of financial seminars to add value.

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