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Edson Credit Union conversion

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We're excited to welcome the members of Edson Credit Union to their new home at Servus Credit Union on May 11, 2019. Conversion activities to officially switch member accounts from Edson Credit Union's systems over to Servus Credit Union systems will take place overnight and through the morning hours of May 10-11. Availability of banking services will be affected as follows:

e-Transfer services

  • Ability to send e-Transfers will be suspended as of 10:30am on Monday, May 6
  • Ability to receive e-Transfers will be suspended as of 4:30pm on Thursday, May 9

Account/Member Card services

  • All banking services will be suspended as of 6pm on Friday, May 10
  • Edson Member Cards will be deactivated at this time

Service restoration

  • All banking services (including e-Transfer) will be restored as of 12pm on Saturday, May 11
  • Members can start using their Servus Member Cards at this time

What you can do

To prepare for conversion, we recommend that you:

  • Withdraw cash, pay any necessary bills and complete other important transactions before the service interruption
  • Have your new Servus Member Card and know the PIN
  • Keep your user ID and password for online banking handy (you can sign in via online banking on servus.ca as of 12pm on Saturday May 11)
  • Review your special account statement dated May 10 and file in your records

If you have any questions about the conversion from Edson to Servus, or you haven't received any of the documents listed by May 3, please give us a call at 1.877.378.8728.


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