Looking forward to post-retirement can make people anxious. Many people may ask themselves: Will I have enough money to retire? Will I be able to keep myself busy? Will I be lonely? It is estimated that the number of seniors in Alberta will exceed one million by 2035, nearly double what it was in 2017. Fortunately, the Sage Seniors Association—a Servus nonprofit member—exists to support seniors with a variety of needs.

"We strongly believe that seniors are assets, and every individual has strengths and vulnerabilities," says Carlina MacInnis, Communications and Project Coordinator at Sage. "What we ask is: How can we help seniors leverage their strengths and give them help and support when going through periods of vulnerability?"

Sage was established to enhance the quality of life of older persons and their families by providing services that promote socialization, intellectual stimulation, and skill and information acquisition. Sage offers more than 70 programs for seniors, including things like: SING (the intercultural seniors' choir), intergenerational Zumba, and Blue Pencil Café poetry reading. They also supported seniors in northeast Edmonton to create Edmonton's first men's shed—a place where men can socialize and connect with each other and the community, while using their hands to work on projects.

Sage offers more than just activities, though—a senior can go to Sage and get help navigating government services, see a nurse practitioner, find out what's happening in their community, and get resources for emotional or physical support.

A Servus representative and a Sage Senior's Award recipient

For over a decade, Servus has proudly presented the Sage Awards, a sellout event that recognizes amazing seniors in the community who inspire, empower, and engage others in making our community a better place to live, work, and play.

"The Sage Awards wouldn't be possible without Servus," says Carlina MacInnis. "We are proud to partner with a financial institution that does so much for the community, not just Sage."