Mobile cheque deposit

Take a picture. Deposit a cheque. It's that easy.

Mobile cheque deposit is a convenient and time-saving way to deposit cheques to your account. All you need is the Servus mobile banking app and a smartphone with a camera.

You can use photo deposit to submit cheques that are made out to you (or the joint member on your account). Eligible cheques include:

  • Cheques written in Canadian funds and issued on a Canadian financial institution
  • Cheques issued by the Government of Canada
  • Money orders, bank drafts and certified cheques

The money you deposit will appear in your account right away, but it may be subject to holds while we verify the cheque. You can contact us to learn more about our hold policy.

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Getting started

Photo deposit is available to Servus Credit Union members who:

  1. Have been a member for at least one month
  2. Have an active Canadian dollar chequing or savings account (personal or business)
  3. Use our mobile banking app

Mobile banking uses a secure connection with our online banking system to give you access to your accounts. You'll even use the same user ID and password for mobile banking that you do for online banking.

Ready to make the switch? If you're not already registered for online and mobile banking, call us at 1.877.378.8728 or visit your nearest Servus branch.

Deposit a cheque

Terms and conditions

Servus mobile banking is subject to the terms and conditions in our Digital Banking Agreement.

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